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Aqua-Canteen (Set of Two Bottles)
Model #: AC-2

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Carry healthy, filtered water on the go in our new stainless steel bottles!

Choose either two 26 oz. Silver bottles, two 17 oz. Blue bottles, or one of each.

Water Bottle Koozy now available!

The all new Aqua-Canteen is the perfect way to carry filtered water with you anywhere. These durable, food-grade, stainless steel water bottles contain no chemical liner and are completely BPA free. Even the lids are made from stainless steel to prevent any water contact with plastic. The lightweight design of the bottles includes a wide mouth perfect for ice cubes and a durable sport clip for on the go use!

And now you can add our new water bottle totes to your order for even more convenience! Each neoprene bottle koozy is machine washable and comes with adjustable removable straps so you can easily carry your bottle on the go.

Each bottle also includes a durable sport clip for on the go use!
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