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Aquasana Water Filter
Model #: AQ-4000

At the touch of a button, Aquasana transforms tap water into naturally healthy, chemical free water!

Voted "Best Buy" By Consumers Digest Magazine!

Aquasana’s exclusive dual filter system uses a combination of carbon filtration‚ ion exchange, and sub-micron filtration to produce truly healthy‚ great tasting water from the convenience of your kitchen tap. The dual filter unit by Aquasana reduces more chlorine‚ lead‚ synthetic chemicals‚ VOCs, THMs‚ MTBE, sediments, and Cysts (chlorine resistant parasites) than any other filtration system while retaining healthy, natural trace minerals! This selective filtration process represents the best water treatment technology currently available.

No other product, at any price, has ever produced better results than Aquasana!

AQ-4000 Dual-Filter Drinking Water Filter. Comes complete with twin filter cartridges‚ chrome faucet diverter, and easy to follow instructions. Installs in seconds, switches from filtered to unfiltered with the touch of a button. This patented twin cartridge drinking water filter provides up to 30 gallons an hour of ultra-filtered, high-quality water for drinking, cooking, and other purposes.

Aquasana's contaminant reduction capabilities are certified by the California Dept. of Health, which contains the most stringent regulations in the U.S. certificate #99-1407.

Contaminated drinking water can cause significant health problems, and it is one of the leading initiators of epidemic disease. Reducing harmful contaminants in drinking water will result in greater health and vitality for every member of the household.

You may purchase the AQ-4000 drinking water filter with an undersink installation kit in our undersink filter system set. If you already own the AQ-4000 and wish to install it under the sink, you may purchase an undersink installation kit separately in either standard faucet finish or premium faucet finishes.

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