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EQ-300 (City Water)
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EQ-300-WELL (Well Water)
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Aquasana Whole House Water Filter
Model #: EQ-300 / EQ-300-WELL

The Rhino whole house water filter is the ultimate home appliance. Its 4 stage filtration process supplies bottled water quality throughout the entire household for only pennies a day. This whole house water filter is the most valuable and beneficial home appliance you can own!

For a limited time only, purchase the Rhino at a new lower price of $769.30! This special sale price will not last long, so buy now for the best value!

Beware of un-documented imitations. Always ask for performance documentation when buying any water filtration product. Aquasana is the only legal manufacturer of this product. Without credible performance data, you have no way of knowing what you are, or are not, receiving.

Healthy water throughout the entire household for about 50¢ a day!

The EQ-300 whole house water filter supplies healthy, filtered water to every faucet and water source in the house. It works as a point-of-entry system to reduces chlorine and chlorine-resistant parasites as soon as water enters a home’s plumbing system.

The whole house water filter also provides better air quality throughout the household by removing the threat of chloroform gas!

The EPA has stated that every household in America has an elevated level of chloroform gas in the air, due to the use of chlorinated water. Chloroform gas is released into the air every time you shower, wash dishes or clothes, or flush a toilet. Chloroform is a highly dangerous chemical and its inhalation can lead to serious respiratory problems. A simple drinking water filter is insufficient to remove the threat of this gas.

The Rhino whole house water filter uses a patented four-stage process guaranteed to reduce a maximum amount of water contaminants!

Stage 1 - The sediment pre-filter uses a replaceable cartridge that mechanically filters down to five microns. This important first stage filters out any sediment that may be in the water supply. When that sediment is removed, it cannot clog the main filter, thus preventing reduction in water flow and/or filter life.

Stage 2 - A process called “water atomization” fuses granules of zinc and copper together, creating a natural element media. This combination initiates an active filtration method, possessing a characteristic known as redox potential, that can alter the molecular structure of chlorine and turn it into harmless chloride.

Stage 3 - Contains large granules of bituminous- activated carbon for improved filtration. This medium is recognized by the EPA as the “Best available technology” for water filtration.

Stage 4 - Contains a small granule of coconut shell-based activated carbon for an expanded surface area, which provides the highest reaction kinetics and adsorptive capacity.

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