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EQ-300 Rhino Whole House Water Filter

"Every household in America, on municipally treated water, has an elevated level of chloroform gas in the air, specifically from showering, washing dishes, washing clothes, and flushing toilets."

- The U.S. EPA

The EQ-300 Whole House Water Filter is performance-tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) to NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standard 42 with class 1 performance. This means the system is certified to remove chlorine, odor, taste, and sediment. The EQ-300 produced non-detectable levels of chlorine for 300,000 gallons, the highest certified capacity of any home water filter ever. The next closest certified performance was from an NSA filter that was certified to 75,000 gallons (that certification expired a few years ago).

The cost of testing for a 300,000 gallon cycle is prohibitive. The chlorine test alone cost over $80,000. Testing for each contaminant like we did with our AQ-4000 would cause the retail price of the unit to go up significantly.

The EQ-300 Whole House Water Filter is certified to treat more water than any other certified water filter, ever.

Any company claiming that their whole house filter reduces MTBE, TCE, Lindane, Atrizine, etc. has not proven it. Simply ask them to display the 3rd party test data and see what their response is. Our claims are substantiated by UL, and we are very proud of our whole house water filter. The difference between the EQ-300 and the AQ-4000 is that the EQ-300 filters water at 8 gallons per minute, and the AQ-4000 filters water at .5 gallons per minute. This slower flow rate allows for a longer contact time with the media, and, because it was designed to only filter 500 gallons (instead of 300,000), the AQ-4000 can concentrate more heavily on more aggressive contaminants, like VOCs, MTBE and THMs. Because the EQ-300 was designed for whole house applications, and needs a higher flow rate, it is a 5 micron filter which will reduce sediment 4 times smaller than is visible to the unaided human eye. The AQ-4000, on the other hand, is a .5 micron filter, that will reduce cysts which are 40 times smaller than can be seen by the human eye. Finally, the Rhino was not designed for the reduction of lead, as all of the lead in your water comes from pipes inside your house. Therefore, you still need to filter your water before you drink it.

The EQ-300 will filter out the chlorine, so that you are not exposing your family to the cancer-causing and asthma and allergy irritating effects of chloroform gas every time you turn on a faucet, flush a toilet, wash dishes, wash clothes, shower, or bathe.

The Whole House Water Filter is also the only perfect shower filter there is.

Because of the size constraints, the difficulty in filtering hot water (90-110 degrees), and the 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate, no shower filter can significantly reduce all of the chloroform, chlorine and THMs present in tap water. The EQ-300 is the only viable way to filter bath water. This is because there are no standards for bath faucets, and there is no way to design an adapter that will fit all or most of these faucets.

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