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Your City's Water

Water Quality Specialist

The Federal EPA enacted the Right To Know Amendment to the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, requiring all public water systems to supply easy-to-read information on contaminants that have been detected in municipal water supplies. These Annual Water Quality Reports must, by law, be made available to all consumers. To find out about your city's water, visit the American Water Works Association and locate your city. Once you have logged on to your city's site you will need to locate the "Water Quality Section" or the "Annual Water Quality Report". Remember that only 86 of the 75,000 toxic chemicals used in our society are required to be tested for, so these reports give a very narrow picture of the real problem. Most cities will be quick to state that their water meets all federal guide lines, which in no way means it is safe or healthy. An in-depth study by the Environmental Defense Fund concluded, "Although concentrations of carcinogens in drinking water are low, it is precisely such low levels that are believed to be responsible for the majority of human cancers in the U.S. Cancer experts estimate that chemical carcinogens in the environment may form 60% to 90% of all cancers and that there is no safe threshold for exposure to a carcinogen.
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