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Water Q & A

Why do the filtration systems not reduce TDS?

"Filtration" systems are designed to selectively reduce contaminants and to leave in dissolved trace minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These waterborne minerals are healthful and give water a more natural flavor. Systems that remove minerals lower the pH of water and cause it to be more aggressive. Low pH water will seek to balance itself by leaching elements such as copper, lead, or aluminum from plumbing fixtures and cooking utensils. Cooking in de-mineralized water will also draw the minerals from your foods, causing a reduced nutritional value. Water with a balanced mineral content has a reduced tendency to take on foreign elements. TDS (total dissolved solids) are primarily made up of dissolved minerals and are not related to harmful contaminants. It is very deceptive for companies to imply that a reduction in TDS means improved water quality; in most cases, it simply does not.
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