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Water and You

We use the Brita water pitcher at home and usually drink bottled water when we are not at home. Can you give an un-biased comment?

Probably not! We are quite proud of our products, but we will try. First let us say that we feel there are no “bad” water filter products. Any filter is better than no filter. Brita is the best selling system in the world currently (we are gaining fast), and it does improve the quality of water. However, these types of pour through filters are limited in performance, primarily due to size. They are not designed to perform at the same level as our products; a simple comparison of the Performance Data Sheet that comes with theirs and ours shows this fact. The real question is, why pay more to get less? While these pitcher filters are less expensive initially, they cost considerably more to use… about 22 cents a gallon compared to 9 cents a gallon for Aquasana, and they simply do not work as well! As for bottled water, since U.S regulations on bottled water are so weak, the quality is, at best, “unknown.” With a “good” home water system, you can fill your own bottles and be sure of the quality. Occasionally, bottled water is the only available choice. In this case, we would recommend the European brands because their purity standards are much stricter.
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